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Agate, Jasper and exotic material cabochons fashioned by Steve Howard
Call Steve Howard at 208-520-2449 or send an email to place an order. Free Domestic Shipping.
Click on images for a larger view and description.

Cabochon C41
C41  $32.00
Cabochon C42
C42  $28.00
Cabochon C43
C43  $22.00
Cabochon C44
C44  $23.00

Cabochon C45
C45  $22.00
Cabochon C46
C46  $23.00
Cabochon C47
C47  $26.00
Cabochon C48
C48  $28.00
Cabochon C49
C49  $34.00
Cabochon C50
Cabochon C51
C51  $26.00

Cabochon C52 
C52  $24.00

Cabochon C53 
C53  $18.00
Cabochon C54
C54  $16.00
Cabochon C55
C55  $24.00


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